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"I am an 83 year old man and have been taking classes at O'Reilly's for over 1 year. I enjoy the other students and I feel that I can accomplish great works. O'Reilly's is very hospitable and a fun environment. I will continue doing glass because I find it very beneficial for me."

. . . . . John V.


"Ten years ago I came across a stained glass shop in Crystal Lake that offered classes on my day off of work. I had taken classes at the college, but everything was so interesting in this shop that I had to sign up. I started with small easy projects until I was confident enough to tackle a large art deco window. I learned so much in the first eight weeks, met friends and saw so much talent! There is always something new and faces come back all the time because the shop has everything you need. The glass selection is great, the most bevels ever. Everyone that works with Suzie, the owner, is fun and very helpful. Suzie has helped me with odd projects my mind comes up with, but can't seem to produce on my own ...but then Suzie helps the idea become a reality. I had been to several shops over the years, due to moving, but no matter where I live (Wisconsin now), it's the best atmosphere to express yourself and finish projects that everyone admires. I've done lamps, snowflakes, octagons, etc. and I need to come back each week to spend my free time with such talents."

. . . . . Jan V.


"I started class four years ago at O'Reilly's. I found my real groove there and made a lot of friends. My finished art pieces have thrilled my wife and family. I enjoy hanging out with Suzie and the other gang of past and present students. It is a comfortable, relaxing place to be."

. . . . . Glenn


"I started stained glass 12 weeks ago. I enjoy the Tuesday night class. The other students make one feel right at home. I feel I have found a craft and art that I will stay with for many years to come."

. . . . . Stephanie


"Learning the art of stained glass at O'Reilly's is great! Suzie is so creative and her mind just flows with ideas that one can hardly keep up with her. Classes are fun and informative. O'Reilly's is an enjoyable weekly experience in creativity and socialization. The resources available to the student are phenomenal, from the choice of glass to bevels, tools, etc. Well worth your time and money!"

. . . . . Patrice S.


"I have attended stained glass classes at O'Reilly's Shop since Sept. of 2008. I truly enjoy doing glass projects. My most recent project was a 4 ft. x 4 ft. window for my master bath. I had such great support and help from everyone in the store encouraging me along. I have completed this project and I am proud to say it is hanging in my bathroom and is gorgeous."

. . . . . Anne M.


"Back in 2007, I asked a friend about a set of stained glass windows he had made, and that I wanted to make similar ones for myself - he said to me, 'sign up for a Stained Glass class.' Well, I have been taking classes with Suzie since 2008, and have enjoyed every minute of it. Suzie has made the experience wonderful. Teaching and guiding me through every piece of work, and challenging me to expand my horizons - starting with my first piece (a snowflake), sidelight stained glass for my front door, a large valance piece for my sitting room picture window, fusing and sandblasting glass for a church window, candle votive holders, and a table lamp to name a few, and, yes, making the 'Mallard Duck' window modeled after my friend's work. I look forward to my weekly classes, not only for the joy of working with glass, but for the fellowship of Suzie and fellow students. Stained glass - what a fun and rewarding hobby. Thank you, Suzie."

. . . . . Karl K.


"I met Suzie over 9 years ago when I started my first beginner's class. I come every Tuesday and have made many friends along with beautiful stained glass. I am a forever student."

. . . . . Joey V.


"I started stained glass over 2 years ago. I love the atmosphere at O'Reilly's and look forward to seeing everyone. I enjoy being at Suzie's and I have volunteered. I found fusing classes and making very unusual art pieces. Suzie has encouraged me to try different mediums in glass and am hooked for life."

. . . . . Dana



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