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Frequently asked questions

What will I learn in your 8 week class? . . . . You will learn how to cut, design and put together at least one bevel window.

Why do you want students to do a bevel window first? . . . . Because of the beauty and dancing of colors you get when the sunlight hits the bevel prisms.

Why do you offer 2 different kits to purchase? . . . . The first kit is less money, less supplies and the quality of the tools are different. The second kit comes with the work horse of the industry soldering iron and German combos.

What do you teach in the advanced classes? . . . . We encourage students to think outside the box and challenge our knowledge with items they want to make. Example: making a lamp requires knowledge, and often reinforcement.

What keeps your students coming back? . . . . Many of my students have been with me for over 7 years. They come every week to be with the friends they have made through the store. We have a lot of fun in our classes.

Are there many types of glass? . . . . We teach students about the different types of glass, antique and art glass verses regular stained glass.

What if I don't see a product I am looking for? . . . . I tell my students that if you don't see something in my store that it is either temporarily unavailable, but can get it immediately, or it is something I think you don't need. I have tried most products on the market and if they don't work well, I won't carry them in the store.

Will I get cut if I take a class? . . . . Many students do get small cuts as glass cuts, but we teach safety first.

How do you charge for a custom window? . . . . I charge by the square foot and by the type of glass you choose.

How do I get my custom window installed in my house? . . . . We have an installer who charges by the hour.

Is there a warranty for the color in the glass? . . . . The glass is manufactured in factories but the color is permanently put in and will never fade.

How long will it take to complete a custom window? . . . . It usually takes about 2 - 4 weeks, depending on the size of the window.



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